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Dislaimer: "89-98" is not part of project "droning", although also uses numbers in naming!


89-98 is an album I've written in summer of 2008, over several weeks. The first tune of the album is 89 minutes long and the second is 98. Both tunes were written with compositional ideas in mind. Album as a whole can be viewed as a sound music symphony.

This was one of my earliest ambient works and I do not consider it to be complete success, although it is certainly a milestone in thinking about longer forms of electronic music.

Incidentally, the intro track of "89" is, plainly speaking, boring and not very well made. It puts off many people from listening to the rest of the work, although everything beyond minute 26 is markedly better. "98" is good throughout, in my opinion.

So, to correct a little bit for this misgiving, for this release I have edited "Journey 89" and removed part that I consider to be a failure. If anyone wants a full version of "89", please go to my site:

All in all, this is the first time in years that I am publishing this. I have never received much feedback on this project and would be very interested to learn what my listeners have to say.


released December 14, 2015




Louigi Verona Berlin, Germany

A composer in a variety of genres, but mostly focused on drone ambient.

My lifelong project is called "droning" and currently counts over 280 tunes.

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