Barren Skies Give Me Hope

by Louigi Verona

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Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa A couple of lonely and desolate dronnings echoing the feelings of having lost something of importance. The question linger throughout the drones...."why, why does it have to be this way"

...and if there was to be an answer, it might be... "so that you can aid another in their moment of grief and loss."

Oddly though, in spite of this sense of loneliness, these two drones are immensely calming.


One of us will find themselves at a strange point in life. Having seen the rest of us off, one will stand alone, among the memories that none share. Whole worlds in one mind.

And then follow us. Having left your traces on the snow.


released December 3, 2015




Louigi Verona Berlin, Germany

A composer in a variety of genres, but mostly focused on drone ambient.

My lifelong project is called "droning" and currently counts over 280 tunes.

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