Gregorian Overtones

by Louigi Verona

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Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa To listen to this track correctly.... correctly according to me, do the following. Allow the beat created by the tapping keyboards to fade to the background. This will allow you to savor the free-floating, drifting space music to take you to the outer realms of the galaxy.


Creation takes different forms. While painting is adding thin layers of chemicals on top of a surface, sculpture is all about removing unnecessary material.

Music is often thought to be taking a voice and adding it to another voice and then to another.

But one can approach music the way a sculptor works with stone. By taking all sorts of sounds and rhythms and patterns and removing all the unnecessary bits, leaving the listener with disarming simplicity, where every sound is legitimate and, in fact, essential.

Such a composition feels full, while being quite austere in its implementation.


released December 25, 2015




Louigi Verona Berlin, Germany

A composer in a variety of genres, but mostly focused on drone ambient.

My lifelong project is called "droning" and currently counts over 280 tunes.

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