Realm of Ice

by Louigi Verona

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Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa Louigi Verona has a thing for droning. With more than 250 drones in his droning project.

I can honestly say that he creates some fascinating dronescapes in a similar vain to one of my drone favorite artists, Cousin Silas.


The enchanting beauty of the north, terrain of ice and snow, uninterrupted for hundreds of miles...

The peaks of mountains and groups of pine-trees, stunning harmony, exquisite landscape design...

But as it is beautiful - it is deadly and unforgiving to even a tiny mistake of a traveler.

This song of beauty and quiet danger is dedicated to all travelers who have conquered the realms of the north and to all those who have perished...


released December 25, 2015




Louigi Verona Berlin, Germany

A composer in a variety of genres, but mostly focused on drone ambient.

My lifelong project is called "droning" and currently counts over 280 tunes.

Get free MP3 versions from my website.

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