Across The Hydrosphere

by Louigi Verona

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Paul Asbury Seaman
Paul Asbury Seaman thumbnail
Paul Asbury Seaman This album is a return (a re-release) to Verona's trademark sound that so thrilled and soothed many of us. Tranquility in motion. A mildly-textured calm that doesn't resort to warbly synth washes to build emotion. The power of simplicity and restraint. As always, Verona masterfully uses very subtle effects and a recurring flute line to build atmosphere, rather than the obvious and overused bird calls and ocean waves. Thanks, Louigi, for gifting us again!
Gary Zaepfel
Gary Zaepfel thumbnail
Gary Zaepfel Beautiful, drifting ride. Thank you!


released February 11, 2020




Louigi Verona Berlin, Germany

A composer in a variety of genres, but mostly focused on drone ambient.

My lifelong project is called "droning" and currently counts over 280 tunes.

Get free MP3 versions from my website.

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